Museum of Flight

Photos from New Orleans are still a few weeks away, so here’s a mini post of our visit to the Museum of Flight. It’s like a smaller Air & Space Museum that charges to get in and is located at (heavily branded with) Boeing. Melissa and I went when we first got to Seattle, but never really needed to go back. Fast forward to having a kid who is absolutely obsessed with planes and it was time to go again.

The kid could barely contain himself when we pulled into the lot because of the planes on display outside. Inside wasn’t much different, with him running from one display to another and pointing to the sky with agreeable grunts. I’ve always loved aviation, but this kid takes it too another level. People ask if he’s going to be a pilot or aeronautics engineer (because Seattle). It’s pretty awesome, if I’m honest.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Highlights include a model show under the Blackbird, walking through a Concorde, and walking through an old Air Force One (Boeing 707). Oh, and doing laps the length of the NASA Full Fuselage Trainer. Lastly, we forgot part of the exhibits were outside. It snowed today. Not pictured: chili dog lunch.


Christmas Time 2017

It may be February, but we have a Christmas recap for you all. We purposely had no plans for the holidays; choosing to spend Dominic’s second Christmas at home. The season started with a visit with Santa Claus shortly after Thanksgiving. There was no crying, but Dom was completely unsure of the experience.

The remainder of December was spent running around at the garden center, going to Letterpress Distillery with a friend visiting from the East Coast, assisting mom with decorating, and looking at all the holiday decorations in the city.

Chris wanted to start the tradition of placing luminaries along our front walk, so before it got too dark on Christmas Eve we adventured out. Dom was an excellent helper, particularly in making sure there were enough rocks in the bags to keep them from blowing away. Unfortunately for the luminaries it had started snowing! Dom started out a little unsure about the white stuff; we ended up having to encourage him back into the house.

I started the tradition last Christmas of Dom opening one present on Christmas Eve, a gift from mommy and daddy with a new Christmas book. While he did help open the gift this year, he was far more interested in putting his blocks in the Christmas tree.

It snowed all night and when we woke up, everything was white. A wonderful Christmas surprise and a reason to be happy we had no where to be. The fire was almost as interesting as last year, but this year Dom helped bring gifts to mommy and daddy and opened a few of his gifts. As soon as his new camping cot was opened he climbed on it to check it out and loved all his new books.

San Diego

The week of Halloween, we took a family vacation to San Diego. We’d been before, but wanted to get away to somwhere with warmer weather, sun, relatively cheap flights, and the same time zone. We looked at a few different cities and ended up in San Diego when we found the perfect rental for our needs. We’ve found that condo or house rentals work really well for us and usually are the same price as a family-friendly room(s) or chepaer. Having Dom sleep in our hotel room isn’t an option — we moved him to his crib at three weeks. :-) This was also the first time we bought Dom an airplane seat (yay Alaska Airlines $99 companion fare!) and that was simply amazing.

We aren’t big beach people, and Dom isn’t an all-day-of-anything type of person, so we stayed in a house on the bay in Mission Beach. We’re also on a one nap schedule, so we wanted to be close to things without having to drive all over the city. We were within walking distance of Belmont Park, the beach, and a few restaurants (with bars!) so our days generally consisted of a “San Diego” activity in the morning and then walking somewhere in the afternoon. Dom’s pretty easy to entertain at this age, so he loved nearly everything we did – the zoo, the park, time on the beach, walks, museums, tattoo parlor… whatever.

The beauty of a one nap schedule is you’re limited in what you can do, assuming you want to respect the nap (and we very much do). This is good for us because we are the type of travelers that try to see and do as much as possible. Having a mid-day nap forces us to slow down, relax, and actually take a vacation; not “travel.” The result is I take four naps in a week. I don’t think I’d taken more than that many since Dom has been born. I’m just plain bad at it… except when I’m on vacation, apparently. We also got some grown up time, which was great.

Oh, and we were delayed coming home for a few hours because it was snowing it Seattle. Ha.