Museum of Flight

Photos from New Orleans are still a few weeks away, so here’s a mini post of our visit to the Museum of Flight. It’s like a smaller Air & Space Museum that charges to get in and is located at (heavily branded with) Boeing. Melissa and I went when we first got to Seattle, but never really needed to go back. Fast forward to having a kid who is absolutely obsessed with planes and it was time to go again.

The kid could barely contain himself when we pulled into the lot because of the planes on display outside. Inside wasn’t much different, with him running from one display to another and pointing to the sky with agreeable grunts. I’ve always loved aviation, but this kid takes it too another level. People ask if he’s going to be a pilot or aeronautics engineer (because Seattle). It’s pretty awesome, if I’m honest.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. Highlights include a model show under the Blackbird, walking through a Concorde, and walking through an old Air Force One (Boeing 707). Oh, and doing laps the length of the NASA Full Fuselage Trainer. Lastly, we forgot part of the exhibits were outside. It snowed today. Not pictured: chili dog lunch.