Hawaiian Escape

In early June we escaped to Hawaii for a few days, and I will say our Maui “babymoon” adventure was a success. Chris booked a house with a private pool, an outdoor shower and an incredible view on the rainy side of the island for the week. Our only plan was to recharge before the final months of pregnancy and upcoming parenthood.

Several people had given us some recommendations for Maui and once we settled into our rental we made a rough plan to only leave the pool every other day. Heavy rains hindered our attempts to swim in waterfalls, but we followed my OB’s orders; eating at both Mama’s Fish House* and Hali’imaile General Store during the week. We also toured a distillery, bought doughnuts on sticks at T. Komoda General Store, found fresh Jack fruit and I had shaved ice while walking around Lahaina.

Unfortunately our attempts to go snorkeling hit barriers with our lack of planning, heavy rains, and the hour plus drive to most of the boat launch sites. Chris was awesome driving the Hana highway in the rain. Something I am very happy he took charge of. We probably would have adventured more off the highway if my 26+ week belly was not a factor. Importantly, this trip to Hawaii I actually made it into the ocean! It was only a quick dunk due to some serious waves, but eight years after my first visit to the islands, when I never went in, I count this visit a success.

Honestly most of our time was spent lounging around the house. I made good use of the pool floats and Chris napped much of the time. I returned without and major sunburns and I believe we were rested up for what has since been a very busy June and July.

*If you plan on eating at Mama’s make your reservation well in advance. We had no clue how popular the spot was. The only reservations they had the whole time we were in Maui were for 4 pm.



Lower Paia Park at night.


Dinner at Mama’s Fish House


On the beach at Mama’s

Drive the road to Hana


Honomanu Bay


Pua’a Kaa State Wayside Park



Mother By Nature


I think I experienced my first bit of parental panic today. Melissa and I were swimming in the ocean and she got taken out by a wave. In the moment I was all, “holy shit my kid!” while watching her wash towards shore. I rushed to her, in hopes of helping her up… and maybe helping her back to the beach. Then she stood up, laughing, and said, “at least my bikini stayed on.”

I was in awe. If you saw her, six months pregnant, rocking a bikini, and fearing no wave, you prolly would have been too. Not only was she unhurt, she was thoroughly amused by the whole thing. She didn’t wade past her knees after that, but she’d already owned that moment so it didn’t matter much. Suffice to say, we got both smiles and stares from our fellow ocean enthusiasts.

Don’t panic! She fell on her bum and the kid is still right-side-in like half a day later. I can’t make any promises that there won’t be some embelishment when we tell Small Fry the story in a few years. I have a feeling it’ll be way more harrowing… like zombie land sharks, or something. Regardless of the details, it will always feature a woman that will undoubtedly teach our child to take chances.