Business Trip to Luxembourg

In early June, Chris had a business trip to Luxembourg and I took the opportunity to travel with him. Being a Wednesday to Wednesday trip, we were able to explore the city together on the weekend. During the week, I filled the days by visiting the museums and wandering around the winding streets. The city pass I purchased gave me access to many of the attractions, plus use of the city buses.

It was a busy week and we were both ready to return home. Luxembourg was a nice city and a friendly country; if we had visited just for pleasure we would have gotten outside the city to see more. I don’t recommend a full week in the city, but would stay to visit for a few days if you have the chance.


View of the European Union coal and steel commission building from the Place de la Constitution Lookout.

Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace, the official residence of the Grand Duke.


View of the Grund – the lower city of Luxembourg – and Kirchberg beyond from the Judiciary City.


Philharmonie Luxembourg, across the street from our hotel and on my way to the MUDAM.


Office buildings in the Clausen section of Luxembourg where Amazon is located.


Chris’ Friday adventures including Italian for lunch and Mediterranean for dinner.


View of MUDAM and Kirchberg from the city. The Amazon office is beyond the train bridge.

Neumunster Abbey from the Bock.

Neumunster Abbey from the Bock.


Chris at Fort Thungen and Fort Obergrunewald


Statue of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.


Walking over the Passerelle, or the Luxembourg Viaduct, from the train station back to the Notre-Dame.

Luxembourg City

Centaur statue outside the Villa Vauban Museum.


Vauban tower under the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge.

My view while reading inside the Neumünster Abbey complex.



“Church in the rock” as it has been called, Chapelle Saint-Quirin. The chapel is carved into the rock wall and hidden from most unless you seek it out below the main city.


Wandering along Wenzel Walk.

I visited; the Casino Luxembourg-Forum for Contemporary Art, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Mudam (Museum of Art Modern), National Museum of History and ArtLuxembourg City History Museum, Villa Vauban, and Neumunster Abbey. I enjoyed chocolate at the Chocolate House and Oberweis, viewed the Grand Ducal Palace, and found the Chapel Saint Quirin. Together Chris and I went to the American Military Cemetery, Bock Casemates, and rode the Hop-on-Hop-off bus around the city.