Phoenix Vacation

The last vacation we took was a very distant memory and since Chris had to go to Phoenix for work, I packed a bag and headed south for a few days. We rented a house great house for a week long VACATION. There were no plans other than recharging our batteries and sitting by the pool.

Other than days by the pool, a few board games and lots of the Game Show Network we visited the Phoenix Art Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden and went to a movie. The most importantly thing we did was disconnected from work for a while and held off on house searching until right before our return.

I was very surprised by the number of birds we saw. At the house there were some doves and hummingbirds at darted around the citrus trees. At the botanical garden there were more hummingbirds, roadrunners and other birds that I have never seen before. There were also a ton of really cute Round-tailed Ground Squirrels and lizards running around.

Ultimately, I am not sure that we would ever return to Phoenix. The area appeared to have plenty of things to go and do, but at the same time it did not feel like there was a ton of things we “had to see”. The heat was a little much but ask me again in December when Seattle’s weather is beginning to drag us down.